Our company is a Renaissance school of painting , creative workshop works similarly . Our factory is a well -practiced tasks are carried out by ” disciples ” employees , but the specific solutions , specific details are always given to the work of the hands of the artists themselves outcome.

This can be a complete house or even a small table . In spite of the detailed design and development of computer technology constantly monitor the progress of the execution order , in every stage we can continue to improve original plans.

Full knowledge and their use of modern technology and ancient craft techniques formed out of proportion for the task technological process.

Implemented tárgyainkban , enteriőrjeinkben are simultaneously present , and the future of the tradition.

I personally work using a selection of high quality raw materials , which we get from there to where in the world , the best quality is produced . During construction, each piece carefully treated , examined the parts individually processed to check the session state. The quality of the surface treatment of objects made ​​by us is praised as an exemplary professional forums , the best surface quality of automotive brands compared. Customers in addition to the overall planning and execution also was all-encompassing . In some instances, contractors branch was changed the details of it . These industry-specific best contractors , all of them 10 to 15 -year working relationship with the public , subject themselves to the fulfillment of the quality we expect . Personally involved in the solutions have not yet been used in the development , implementation.

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