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When we plan a hallway, we always bear in our mind that when a guest enters, this spectacle unfolds first her or his eyes. It’s like when you look at the front page of a magazine or read a book’s introduction. It has to grab you, to challenge you, to explore other areas, but not telling too many secrets. Imagine a functional hall, where you can hang up coats, or you can put them into a cabinet, there is room for bags, or shoes, and even for keys have a hook.

Everything at your fingertips, but nothing intrusive in front of you. When you leave home you would like to poses one last look at your clothing, hairstyle, so it is important to have a well-placed full-length mirror.

This space acts as a kind of flood gate between the outside world and the private sector, but the atmosphere has to salute when coming home.

The main consideration when designing a corridor or hallways the idea of to join or to separate. Many times the corridors are acting as a clothing store, or one wardrobe, you always have to keep them free for transport. We are sure, you do not like tight, cluttered corridors, and closeness.

Garderobe design

We are sure that your wardrobe needs a large space. During the planning process we should take into account your dressing habits, the amount of clothes you would like to keep there, and of course the available space. You are in a lucky position if you have an available separate room for it, but it can happens that a space serves more functions. Often the wardrobe placed into the bedroom, or part of the corridors. With a thoughtful planning, knowing the habits of the user highly practical storage can be created with an impressive sight.

If the design and functionality is important to you, we can help to you!

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