Our studio most occasion to purchase real estate , interior design and purchases shall be invited to participate in counseling.

Real estate buying advice

Buying real estate , rent a first step, know if receiving needs, requirements, your lifestyle , providing for the enterprise . We are trying to crawl habit , taste . What has been said , and we met mediated kisugárzásukból , testbeszédükből to form an image that helps to optimize the image to view in relation to property that suits the intended purpose and that subsequent users. Unemotional be able to assess the advantages and disadvantages of home and professional our experience follows immediately see the potential , limits. The building materials used to infer the quality of construction, the building tear . Our council person, firm tailored a solution , we examine the expert and artist’s eye. Upon request, a written summary given our advice , and our opinion regarding the property , which will help you make the decision and the basis for the bargain price of design , because it contains the building’s shortcomings , defects of visual disclosed.

Interior Design Consulting

In this case, the first step in the best possible understanding of persons using the space where the undertaking of the company , goals of management cégükkel . Many times it happens that architectural plans must be examined in the design phase. At this point, you can easily fine-tune the proportions of the rooms, the subsequent fitting idea to adapt the walls. In case been in helping the furnishing concept , form, material and color selection of the world , creating harmonies and contrasts .

Buying advice Contribution

Usually ready for additional space or even the main components of furniture can help when selecting the shapes, sizes colors the issue. I often advise antiques , paintings , sculptures, selection, placement as well. Talent , years of experience , látásmódunk enable us to various shops , galleries, products , arranged in a space of existing objects harmonized. For example, if a lamp is chosen given prominence in form and size to the other objects optimally chosen , however , we take care to fully fulfill its function well , provide sufficient illumination in the space.

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