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Our respect and our love as a token of love to commemorate édesapánknak to whom we owe to our profession ‘s approach, hidden catches almost imperceptibly learned loving our families and the environment around us . Smaller more help in which knowledge of the use of proportions , colors, shapes elleshettük , and later when he let up even as a child , his works of what is besegíthessünk . At first detailed models of small , minor painting , technical drawings edit , extend, and complete modeling , visual preparation of drawings , more specific forms of development . Later, when our wings have their own space bontogattuk moderate retreat gave personal thoughts , plans, development , and only a few good words, drew lines indicated that this could also do so .

Gabor édesapánkkal worked with a diploma from the moment of his retirement Videoton .

In 1996, 72 years of age , when , after obtaining diploma brother Peter Redford founded the design studio , art consultant for the boys helped their business.

Our father was born Rudabánya 1924th August 11 th .

The Hungarian University of Fine Arts degree in 1953 . Teachers Kaesz Gyula

László Juhász , Ferenc Scheffer .

In 1953, the Hungarian Shipyard & Crane Factory ( MHD) ship Interior Designer , boats and floating cranes was an external designer .

From 1970 to Videoton formed at the request of the factory design office , which led until 1989.

Radios, televisions, stereo equipment , exhibitions were his hands.

The Videotontól retired , then as a freelancer banks, offices , shops interior design plans , and small items of furniture in a form plans.

1983-86 to the University of Sopron Forestry and Wood taught furniture design, furniture aesthetics.

From 1996 to Redford Design Studio’s artistic adviser .

2011th October 17 was passed to rest of his life .

State awards and honors

Munkácsy prize 1973rd

Artist of Merit awards 1990th

Merit Awards in 1979 , 80, 84 , 86, 87


1966th Shape , color and design , mechanical engineering II . (Figure 76-80 )

1972nd Industrial Arts 72/1 ( page 30 )

1973rd Industrial Arts 73/4 ( pages 15-18 ).

1976th Propaganda Advertising 76/IV , Sun (page 37-40 ).

1978th Koczogh Akos , In Praise of Fine Things (212 , 218 223.oldal )

1979th Joseph Vadas , The Art of Design in industry (p. 129 )

1982nd Industrial Design 82/2 (page 3-8 ).

1982nd Industrial Design 82/6 (page 12)

1983rd The Art History of Hungary, the Conquest to the present (p. 520 )

2004th Enthusiastic Peter ArtDesigner (A half-century Hungarian design )

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Lajos Veres different works.


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