stairway design


The stairway is the most lasting, most significant part of a house, so it is important to design carefully. The organization of the transport is the key element how to use spaces. One misplaced stairway punishing every day the inhabitants of the house, which is often compounded by the designers to try to win one or two square feet of space here. Slowly but surely, the residents of the building becoming sick by the constant hiding, bending and relegated them to stumbling. The minimum is not acceptable. It is forbidden to save space here! You have to avoid various sized steps, or using stairs pulled away. A poorly designed, thrifty staircase will never be as beautiful as a well led, comfortable degree, and stair entry. Once we have the fund then we shall come to the tricky technical and aesthetic details, but we must not forget, the structure can be ethereal, but if stepped on, should remain firmly, one millimeter displacement, vibration, torsion will give us an insecure feeling. The consciousness that the stairs will save us is not enough, but the feeling has to give us the same impression!

In staircase design we transgress the boundaries!

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