kitchen design


The kitchen is a “working area” with raw materials, tools, equipment, energy, tasty finished products, fragrances, waste and a lot equipment to be cleaned.

A variety of work must be performed on a small space, comfortably, and securely.

In the past, kitchens were separated from the flat, from the rest of the house, sometimes it was operated by a staff.

In today’s world the housewives would like to spend less and less time in the kitchen in exile. For the sake of family togetherness the kitchen completely remodeled and connected to the living room, and dining room. The appearance matching to the living room furniture, tailored to them, while the hidden technology quoting the space-age.

During the planning, you need to find the harmony with the environment, the technological processes has to be planned to the most efficient and comfortable way. Storage areas, working surfaces should be established. Aesthetic and durable materials should be used.

Such a kitchen is not a dream anymore because we’ve accomplished!

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