bedroom design


By the time we get to the bedroom we are leave behind the city, rural dust, we are stripping out our clothes we wear all day long, our bodies are purified welcome to relaxation, but we want to do the same with our thoughts. In the bedroom we are seeking peace, intimacy, we want to expire mysterious feelings in our dreams, and in reality.

Our bodies are in closest contact with the objects around us. Impact of materials on us is much more complex here, as more of our senses perceive their properties.

The sight, the material has to be inviting. Challenging us not to be only spectators, but part of what they transmitting to us, and keeping up long term desirability.

If you spent days, weeks away from home, it has to wake a homesick, even if you spent the night in the best, most exotic hotels. You only can enjoy these feelings if the bedroom design is personalized to you.

The designer should be familiar to his customer, not merely what has been said to him, but has to feel, understand the eradiation, and the answer has to be mold into objects.

The professional background, without which it cannot be a good space planning is only secondary, since this should be essential. From the physiological point of view, perhaps the most important thing in the house placement, orientation of the home’s bedrooms. During the furnishing you should take into account the effects of earth radiation and the water veins location.

While planning an object the inevitable knowledge is the ergonomics. Sleeping is significant part of our lives, it is very important to be relaxed and in high spirits, not tormented when getting out of bed.

We can make your “dreams” comes true!

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