interior design

See the reality ! Own- work , we present plans , not computer drawings for each one illusion.

Our core business is interior design , craftsmanship.

Apartments, houses, offices , institutions, restaurants , exhibitions, interiors specialized in the development of luxury . Our main strength is creating all the components in a completely custom-designed spaces in the floor plan of the furniture, the lighting through the tiniest detail of decorative elements . Systematically planned and carried out in a special wall coverings , accessories are sometimes , some places are the main visual element of the envisioned fields. Care about the plans we make will not end in a transferred drawing , design documentation. Monitored throughout the course of construction , check up on our work to develop the perfect end goal . Of course this is the case in our own factory finished items in the easiest, but our capacity , beyond our full range of interior architectural guidance was for rain works well.

As representatives of our profession are more familiar with, but you should clarify who’s who and what he can do .

Decorators ( enteriőrtervező ) , interior designer . The main fundamental difference between the studies , the amount of knowledge acquired is .

The interior design course to learn the advanced level , and are chosen after most original profession . Professional and artistic knowledge specific. They made ​​plans to fashion , following the trends , in particular the coordination of catalogs selected products.

The interior designer art campus (formerly the Hungarian University of Fine Arts ) studied all his life to learn this profession , devoted to the exercise . Architecture, furniture design , aesthetics , art history studies acquired a high level.

The ability to create unique spaces that are not only a combination of objects , but also functionality , ergonomics but in the concept essences . Plans, attention to detail also carries intended to express the whole idea has been with the delicate balance is struck and the place for him . The interior design of the space and the field-generating trades conductor . You should know the basics of crafts, hidden secrets. You need to know the essence of the related arts . Sketches you can start participating artists thoughts , keeping you on track for adequate elkészíttetni their works so as to carry on the works of the artist ‘s talent, in harmony with the original thrust of an interior designer .

Units of thinking about life, beauty , praktikumról . Ideas of nature by studying the history of art , knowledge of the latest technical advances and purchases . They inserted their own value system , plans are duly kneads and shapes the customer’s habit , goal . No current fashion tips, trends affect work Works durable .

The interior designer ‘s job is not only to serve the customer’s needs , but also anticipate them going . Immediately understands the potential of the established space opportunities , constraints. Consciously monitoring range of interests , reactions , body language , psychology of principal . In its response to a complex plan , which reflects the specific filter customer ‘s personality. This is probably the best exemplify the difference between a sudden elkattintott portraits and a painting. The photo captures the particular moment , but the painting for a long time watching the model for a wide range of view, talk to him , get to know . The finished product is the result of all knowledge , measured by the impact of the artist returned to the salient features of the personality of the model ‘s face .

The designer thinks through a square , flat, house use it discusses the system step by step , suggests the economic design . Give reasons why one function is the place where , and what role is given .

Always before the eyes of the finished work , all bekomponálandó detail , you know what kind benefits , drawbacks , into the light of these decisions .

For example, if an ornamentation padlómintázatot develops its patterns and placement of fixtures kiszerkeszti advance to the pattern anywhere avoid bad is concealed by the floor standing furniture rugs, but I will also ensure that the lighting design of the lights is the desired emphasize the way the floor , furniture consistency .

It goes without saying as it can hold a variety of objects , casings, trim , color consistency , nowhere to shoot beyond the mark , if you want something to raise it with the other elements harmonized, but they focus on the restraint , makes contrast with .

Mindig a szeme előtt a kész mű, az összes bekomponálandó részlet, tudja minek milyen előnye, hátránya van, döntéseit ezek ismeretében alakítja.

Például, ha egy mintákkal díszített padlómintázatot alakít ki, annak mintáit és a berendezési tárgyak elhelyezését előre kiszerkeszti, hogy a mintázat sehol ne kerüljön rossz takarásba a padlóra állított bútorok szőnyegek által, de még arra is ügyel, hogy a világítás tervezésnél a fények is a kívánt módon hangsúlyozzák a padló, bútorok összhangját.

Magától érthetődő módon meg tudja tartani a különböző tárgyak, burkolatok, díszítő elemek, színek összhangját, sehol nem lő túl a célon, ha valamit ki akar emelni, azt a többi elemmel harmonizálva, de azok hangsúlyának visszafogottságával, kontrasztjával teszi.

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