living room design


The living room design focuses on a house or apartment, which at the same time serves for relaxation, entertainment, the representation or catering functions. Here we’re sitting, reading, listening to music, talking, playing, and watching television. Besides these basic functions sometimes the design has to meet with other special requests. The owner would like to enjoy the a delightful views from his or her prefered chair, while listening to his or her favorite music in studio quality. At the night from the same armchair, he can enjoy a Hollywood super movie with realistic sound effects, life-size, best quality like in cinemas. However, it is important that these techniques do not disturb the atmosphere of the room, the spectacle of paintings, and works of arts. Beside these needs, solving proportions, shapes, and color moods is almost child’s play. Carefully selected cladding, floor mats next to the elegant look or design of the room also plays an important role the room’s acoustics as well as a wall or ceiling tiles. The fine furniture has to be suitable for store their equipment, records, CDs, drinks, cups, toys. The lighting takes care of the function, the optimal brightness, and the illumination of the space always emphasizing the mood. This may include even a “small” technical supplement, which provides intelligent management of these lights, even with the phone, as already takes care of the whole house heating and cooling system, sunshade, or ventilation.

If you would like to have such a living room, let us take care of the planning and execution!

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