bathroom design


The bathroom is the place of purification, and recreation. More and more the bathroom is the first step to the spiritual renewal and relaxation nowadays. Everything should be very functional. The lighting needs a complex solution, since we need to see ourselves good during combing, making up, shaving, or nail trimming, but we usually do not want reflective light while having a cozy, oil-soaked, romantic dip. It may also happen that we want to complement this experience by reading a good book without blinded by the light.

Getting out of tub, or shower the comfort feeling is very important, not touching our skin to cold and ridged surfaces, not striking anything while toweling off, not burning or hurting ourselves by a protruding part of a radiator, seeing him or herself in the mirror instead of steam.

The planning of the features, comfort, safety is a great challenge, but you should feel nothing else than an invisible servant who put everything in a right time into a right place.

The pure design provides you cleanliness!

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